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A fighting game where you need to beat competitions down. The variety of throws, punches, kicks and defensive motions creates an encounter. You have slow motion moves a la Matrix. Consider Sonic the Hedgehog with a design that is clean and a few physics effects added. Ah, and a personality that wears some trousers. Only run avoiding the creatures and amassing decorations and the swirls. On this game you play a dinosaur that’s trying to escape the impending extinction. You need to run among fellow dinosaurs and barriers, hills that are trying to escape. Putting it brief: Run like there’s no tomorrow. 메이저파워볼사이트

The Matrix fans out there may have fun with this one. You play on this game, killing brokers and jumping to from floors on buildings. Staffs, swords, guns and whatever may be used to complete the job. They’re coloured bubbles that float around attempting to kill you. You have a big ass knife to cleave all of them! Ever wished to fly like Spider Man? Near it, you might get with this Flash game. You may use your mouse to shoot at two wires and prevent the man. The target is to go as much as possible.

We couldnt leave ninja games from the list? On a side scrolling experience, you command a ninja on Final Ninja. Your tool belt comes along with throwing stars, a struggling rope and the capability to become invisible. Pretty cool. Gunmaster Onslaught On Gunmaster Onslaught, you play with a military commando who has to stay alive so long as possible by surviving the onslaught of the enemies. At your disposal, you’ve guns, mines, and even rocket launchers. Move around to collect precisely the ammo as well. 10. Very addictive game in which you play a mercenary robot attempting to destroy the invaders of Titan Prime. There are various levels, each with a lot of interconnected rooms that you will need to go through. You’ll also earn money, that allows you to purchase new weapons and armor.

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